Deep introduction of the royal road "high concentration vitamin C derivative" of beautiful skin! !

It is Tonnaki of total beauty salon Em Grace.

Have you ever heard of vitamin C?
Do you know vitamin C derivatives, as you may find in supermarkets and convenience stores in everyday life?
The word itself may have been seen or heard, but I wish I could share the goodness of vitamin C derivatives that I didn't even know, so please take a peek if you like.(*^^*)

What is a vitamin C derivative?
Vitamin C can be expected to have a whitening effect by suppressing antioxidant properties and melanin production.
However, vitamin C is not stable, so light, heat, and oxygen gradually lose its effect.
Therefore, the absorption to the skin becomes bad, too.
It is certainly good for your skin, but the advantages also come with disadvantages.
In order to compensate for these disadvantages, vitamin C derivatives with stability and persistence were produced.
If it is a derivative, it stabilizes, and the absorption rate to the skin goes up.
Today, ingredients are also used in lotions.

Vitamin C derivatives are active in a variety of
You already know that using vitamin C as a derivative improves the absorption rate on your skin, doesn't it?
It is a famous component that can be expected to be effective in preventing blemishes, but because it has antioxidant properties, it is also expected to prevent aging and reduce acne inflammation.

In our salon, there is a menu of ion introduction, and you can send a high concentration of vitamin C to the back of your skin.
And, the introduction of vitamin C is included in the most popular menu of our salon which offers it at the campaign price now.
This campaign will be held until November 22nd next month, so we hope you will experience it.

Reservations can be made online or by phone.
We are looking forward to your reservation.


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