The beauty of your skin is from the inside of your body.

Total Beauty Salon EmGrace.

Today, I'm going to talk about "beautiful skin in the body♪

If you want to clean your skin, skin care alone won't work.
The reason is that the body is healthy, and the skin becomes beautiful for the first time.
If you can pay attention to your daily life, such as diet, sleep, and exercise,
The inside of the body and the skin become beautiful.
For beautiful skin, green and yellow vegetables containing beta carotene are needed.
Beta Carotene(Vitamin A)has a strong antibacterial effect and prevents rough skin and aging.
This is often found in green and yellow vegetables such as spinach and carrots.
In order to maintain beautiful skin, it is ideal to take 100 grams of green and yellow vegetables per day and 200 grams of light-colored vegetables.


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