30Collagen machine that can "whole body beauty" just by sleeping for a minute!

Total Beauty Salon EmGrace.

Today, I'm going to talk about collagen machines♪

It is wrapped in the light of the whole body pink, and it produces collagen.
It can also be expected to be effective for coldness, sulmi, cellulite, lack of sleep, etc.

"You can do head-to-foot beauty treatments just by sleeping for 30 minutes."
Cospa's goodness, it has become a very popular menu from the height of the beauty effect.

In addition, by combining lymphatic treatments after collagen machines, metabolism is improved.
Promotes the discharge of waste products.

Time required: Approximately 30 minutes
Regular price: 5000 yen(First time: 2980 yen)


Three Reasons to Choose Emgrace

◆Solid grounds for medical institution collaboration◆

◆Results from high technology and skilled skills◆

◆Active models and professional athletes also experience the acclaimed ◆

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