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Recommendation of nursing care hair removal

What is "long-term care hair removal" that is very popular among the Alafor generation? Hello. This is M Grace. Do you know the topic of "long-term care hair removal" recently? It is a hot topic especially among girls of the Alafor generation (late 30s ~ early 50s). It seems that there is an awareness after caring for parents. Of course, in terms of necessity, it is not only for girls but also for men, but the reality seems to be that there are many opportunities for girls to notice in the nursing care field. In other words, "it is better not to have underhair when assisting with excretion." ◆ Excrement gets entangled in the underhair and it is difficult to process ◆ It hurts when you try to treat it forcibly ◆ Worried about hygiene From such an experience, assuming "when you need nursing care and are assisted with excretion" It seems that preparing in advance at the age when hair removal is possible is called "long-term care hair removal". Specifically, it is local hair loss (V・I・O), but if you have gray hair, you will not be able to completely remove it, so I want to treat it while there is little gray hair! The number of people who say that is increasing. The reason why women in their 40s and older actually perform long-term care hair removal ◆ I thought about the time when I was assisted with excretion. ◆I don't want young caregivers or wives to think I'm dirty. ◆I want to reduce the cleanup after defecating in diapers. ◆I don't want to cause as much trouble as possible to the person who helps me excrete. ◆When I heard that gray hair is difficult to remove, I thought it was my last chance. …