Features of Em Grace FACIAL

We are providing the latest treatments from Estetic's home France, which is always on the cutting edge of beauty in the world.
(As well as fashion, the technology and beauty ingredients that attracted attention in France in the world of beauty come to Japan a few years late,
The technology we use with este cosmetics is always the world's most advanced treatment.)

Advanced skin analysis capabilities, high technology and high-quality cosmetics by facial specialists,
The comprehensive beauty ability to draw out results and effects by making full use of various beauty equipment.

Cosmetics to use

The essence of esthetic salons is the effect of esthetician technology.
However, what supports the effect is actually excellent cosmetics.

1962There is no such thing as a "type" on the skin. There is a personality in each person's skin," says Ms. Maria Gallant, based on the idea of "bespoke beauty", and now under the idea that beauty is the energy of women.
We have adopted "Maria Gallant", a long-established French brand that develops brands in 40 countries around the world.

Facial Menu (All tax-excluded display)

The membership price is the app member-only price.
《Special plan introduced in popular women's fashion magazine》
[ INDIBA → Cleansing → Ion introduction → Facial Massage ]
《Popular plan packed with care to regain firmness and moisture on your skin》
[ Cleansing → Sesame → Lotion Pack→ Facial → And Moist Shake → Pack → Pack ]
《Time reduction plan for busy people》
[ Cleansing → Lotion Pack → Facial Massage ]
《Uprooted cleaning of pores》
[ Cleansing → Clay Pack → Skinscriber → Facial Massage → Moist Shake Pack ]
"Regain moisture and form a water barrier"
[ Cleansing → Gomaju → Facial Massage → High Moisturizing Facial Pack ]
"Give shine to your skin, aiming for a single point of unflattering whitening"
[ Cleansing → Gomage → Ion Introduction → Lotion Pack → Facial Massage → Moist Shake Pack ]
《To make skin that is not defeated at gravity full of firmness and elasticity》
[ Cleansing → Gomage → Lotion Pack → Retinol Essence Care → Facial Massage → Retinol Oil Care → Moist Shake Pack ]
《Light facial that can take care of all skin problems at the same time》
[ Cleansing → Light Facial S → Moist Shake Pack ]
《Light facial that can take care of all skin problems at the same time》
[ Cleansing → Light Facial W → Moist Shake Pack ]
For a white shining smile

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