Beauty osteophytology


"Beauty osteobone" is a soft-ordered(Osteopathic)It is a skeletal correction technology specialized in beauty developed based on theory.

The human body is connected by a single skin, and the skeleton is closely related from the tip of the foot to the tip of the head.
When distortion occurs in one place, the body creates a naturally occurring distortion one after another to compensate for the collapsed balance,
Try to keep the balance by it.

In other words, if there is distortion in some part of the body, distortion will always occur elsewhere, and all balances will collapse.

This chain of distortion pulls the muscles locally, making blood vessels and lymph circulatory worse,
Malfunction of internal organs functionmay affect you.

In additionChronic stiff neck, headache, back pain, knee pain, etc., cat back, O leg, outer anti-maternal toe, lower body fat, hip down,
Bust down, face line collapse, etc.
there are many people who are causing the progress.

We consider the symptoms caused by this chain of distortion to be a type of "non-disease".
For example, O-leg and external anti-maternal toe cause osteoarthritis of the knee, and the lower body fat and hip down are more likely to lead to hip pain and sciatica.

Bust-down leads to the back of the cat, it is easy to become a disc herniation from there,
Collapse of the face line can also cause temporomandibular arthritis and cervical siemia.

Like thisWomen's beauty problems are also very common when left alone and lead to disease.I think.

In other words, many people who have beautiful bones are not only good for beauty but also healthy.

"Beauty osteomy" has been thought to be separate until now, women's concerns about beauty,
It is the industry's first beauty correction technology that can take an effective approach from both aspects of health concerns.

Five characteristics of beauty osteobone

Because the treatment which corrects the frame forcibly by power is not felt, the effect can be felt without feeling the pain.
By adjusting the skeleton and becoming beautiful from the bones of the foundation, the balance of the body skeleton is in place and the whole body can be cleaned.
By approaching the whole body rather than adjusting only the parts of the body, it is difficult to rebound and to make a state that is difficult to return to the original.
Not only the whole body, of course you can feel the effect for each part, such as small face and legs. Small faces use their own technology, even if you leave the makeup ok!
Even if you go to osteopathic clinic or manipulative clinic, or if you are going to an esthetic salon, other technologies(effect)Don't get in the way. It goes well with a variety of technologies and can be received with peace of mind.

It is recommended for such a person.

Small Face Beauty Orthodontics
・I am worried about the distortion of the face .
・I'm worried about the sticking of the cheek bone.
The size of the eyes is different from the left and right
・The height of the eyes is different from the left and right , i am worried about the line of the broom

Whole body beauty osteomlast adjustment
・I'm worried about my cat's back, my clavicle doesn't come out.
・Shoulders are easy to get out of the lower belly
・I am worried about the pelvis , i am worried about the pelvis after giving birth
・O legs and X legs are worrisome - legs are easy to swell
Ankle swells, etc.

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美容整骨 足

美容整骨 膝


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